Anderson CooperSeveral breaking news about baby news has been announced. 

While on CNN on February 10, 2010, the anchor said that he and his ex-partner had shared their feelings. Benjamin Maisani have welcomed a second baby, a boy named Sebastian Luke Maisani-Cooper.

Anderson opened the excitement by saying that he has some good news, but that it was also personal. Anderson reflected on the birth of his first child. WyattHe met, whom he presented to the world during his show Anderson Cooper 360April 2020   

Anderson said that Wyatt is now in his photo. His age is almost 22 months. He is sweet, funny, and my greatest joy. He looks happy because he has a brother. Sebastian is his name, and I invite you to come meet him.”

Anderson said that Anderson was happy to announce the birth of their second child. Anderson also explained how Anderson managed to keep Anderson’s adorable baby boy under 7 pounds.