You could marry her Ice-TBut when the critic came calling, Coco AustinThe clapback of a fire was the sound. 

The Law & OrderStar’s longtime partner was criticized by an Instagram user for posting a video in which she danced and cleaned the house. 

On Wednesday, Jan. 5, the star of 42 posted the caption: “When you 6-year old daughter takes control over your TikTok whilst cleaning up,” which refers to Ice-T’s child. Chanel, 6. She is a natural at filming.”

Coco said that Coco started TikToks in her own Facebook page when she was 4. “They were hilarious (They took it down due to age restrictions). Also, I have always been obsessed cleaning. “I’m a #germophobe #alwayscleaning.”

Coco clarified that the mini toilet, which fans can see in the video was for her youngster. Coco explained that she still uses the toilet because her little body is small.