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“Finally after like two seasons, I was able to drink again,” co-star and mother of two Deena Cortese explained. “And [Snooki] was back and I was like, ‘Meatball shenanigans!’.” 

Snooki added of her return, “I just missed my roomies so much. Not being there, having FOMO and watching the season, I needed to come back. I think I was in the right head space to come back.”  

Plus Mike Sorrentino “The Situation” is off of probation after eight years of being under “supervision,” and he’s ready to let loose as a new parent. 

Mike exclaimed, “I love it when my son films.” “We get to add to the memories, but per se as us watching the original Jersey Shore, he’s got to turn 18 probably.” 

You can watch the interview above with the cast.

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