Derick DillardIt is accusing Jim Bob Duggar of being deceitful and manipulative.

Jill DuggarIn an opinion posted by a family friend,’s spouse spoke out against Duggar patriarch. Jim Holt‘s Dec. 14 Facebook post, which discussed Jim Bob’s run for Arkansas State Senate.

Derick said, “I once had much respect for Jim Bob. He was my father-in law, and I wanted the benefit of doubt for years.” It’s become more obvious over the years how far this man will manipulate and deceive others for his own benefit.

Derick claims that Jim Bob has “numerous” times lied to Jill and him.

Derick said, “When confronted in private, he does not appear humble but is aggressive and verbally abusive.” He will claim that he cannot buy, but he is a serial sellout who has made a career of pursuing his own agenda.