Christina RicciYou don’t have to be all spooky. Jenna Ortega filling her shoes.

Ricci stated the same during a discussion with Variety on Wednesday about Addams-centric programming. Ricci was the Addams-obsessed Addams child in the 90s movies and she said that she was “flattered”. WednesdayDirector Tim Burton asked her to join the series.

Ricci was very quiet about the role she will play in, but it is not clear what her next move might be. WednesdayShe shared her opinion that it was “nice being a part” of the next version of this character.

Ortega will take Ricci’s baby doll black dress, and Ortega will wear it as Wednesday’s teenager years at Nevermore Academy. Ricci said that Ortega’s portrayal of the famous character was “fun to watch” and added, “It’s fun and it’s fun for other people to take on these things and put their own effort into something like this.”

What can we expect in this new chapter of Addams Family’s Addams family? Netflix described the series on Wednesday as a “sleuthing-infused mystery.” It will be followed by the actress as she tries to “master her psychic abilities, defuse a local killing spree, and solve her father’s murder mystery 25 years earlier.”