Mother’s Day Weekend Christina Perri is celebrating with the gift of music.

A new song was released by the 35-yearold on May 6. It is from her highly anticipated album. A lighter blue

Titel “Mothers”, the song features Christina’s three year-old daughter CarmellaIt is also a message that will be important to both old and new fans.

“I co-wrote this song with a dear friend.” Amy WadgeChristina shared the love letter as an affectionate note to mothers going through difficult times with CelebHomes News. Carmella, my daughter, was an example of one such mom. You can’t plan for everything and it feels as if your heart is breaking over and again. Although we feel so strong and powerful, for a while our hearts are still very vulnerable. This song is dedicated to those moms. They should feel loved and supported, particularly on Mother’s Day.

“Mothers” will be featured on Christina’s third studio album, due out June 24. The singer describes her latest project, which debuts nearly nine years since the release of You can choose to go with your heart or head in 2013, as her most emotional work yet.