Remember Chevy Chase? Alright, not Chevy Chase. But seriously, remember that fiery-looking hotsy totsy blonde woman who you can see driving a red Ferrari while teasing Chevy Chase in Vacation and Vegas Vacation? Well, that woman, Christie Brinkley, happens to be a model. As if we never would’ve guessed. At 59 years old and still looking exceptionally well (and possibly still going through marriages like dirty clothes), she’s been getting involved in real estate heavily. Christie actually just sold her 2.56 acre North Haven property (includes a two-story 1804 house) for an astonishing $10 million.

You can actually see the house deteriorate. Okay, it may not be that bad. The exterior could be revitalized a bit though. Hey, at least the house faces a big body of water nicely, which offers beachy terrain. There’s enough room for a large bonfire and major cookout. You may also choose to have a community or family picnic. Choose to either bulldoze the house and have your dream home built, or decide to renovate it to your liking. The property has much open land that’s ready to cater to your desires. The ways of utilizing this open land extend limitlessly.

Address: 6 Fahys Rd, Sag Harbor NY 11963