Most individuals dream about the day that they can build the home they have always wanted. Budgetary restrictions usually prohibit this but with the right financial decisions and saving tactics, it is possible. The first thing that you need to do is create a huge list of things that you would want in a home. If you are married, this is going to be far more of a negotiation than an outright decision. You might find that you have similar tastes so there will not be any issues. Other couples might fight tooth and nail about certain features or a kitchen island. Below are things that you should consider when building your dream home. 


Building a home will require you to make sure that utilities run out to your property. You would have to call the water and electric companies unless your home is being built in a pre planned neighborhood. You want to invest in the best equipment possible so you can avoid any issues that require well pump repair or the need to install an expensive septic system. For those looking for ultimate privacy, you likely will need a septic system if living off of the beaten path. Take the time to do your due diligence on the property you are planning to build your dream home on.


The flooring that you choose needs to be done wisely. A family with pets is not going to want to have carpet throughout the house as it could be a full-time job to keep it clean. Wood flooring is elegant but does require a bit of maintenance and isn’t recommended for families with large pets/small children. Tiling is a great option as it is durable and can even look like wood flooring. You do not need any special cleaners for tile which is not the case for wood flooring. The flooring of the home truly can change the energy of a space. There are so many talented flooring professionals available that can be hired. Do not try to do this yourself as the materials are too expensive to be ruined. 

Guest House/In-Law Suite

Building a dream house might mean that guests will come to visit more frequently. You can preserve your privacy by adding an in-law suite or guest house. The guest house can be used as a rental when not being used in order to generate income via Airbnb. This house doesn’t have to be opulent but just enough to be comfortable for guests. The home could be perfect for a recent college graduate that wants to save money but also values their privacy. 

Being realistic about what you need and what you want shouldn’t occur when building a dream home. Saving up money for years to build the perfect home for your family provides the ultimate satisfaction. Finding the right builder that is willing to work with you and your needs is so important. Asking to see similar homes that they have built is important as you want proof of their quality of work.