Asking Chrishell Stause to describe her relationship with G Flip, she’d call it “unlocked.” 

That’s what it means. “It’s when they have the key to your heart, but the walls are down and there are no rules or regulations, just love and support,” the Selling SunsetStar explained VogueInterview. “Plus it links into real estate, and that is actually very cute!”

What was her favorite part about their relationship? Chrishell described G as “just being around G.” It is a great mood lifter. I’m sure you can see why if you are ever in the room with G. The constant support that I feel from the other person is what I treasure.

However, like all couples, they do not see things the same way. G knew that she wanted to be a mom,” G said. But, the real estate agent added that they know this is not their current situation.