This is the most important day of a mama’s life: it’s time for her significant other to get to know Mom!

Matt“Your new girlfriend” BrittanyHe is presented to his mother KellyThis is a very unsettling sneak peak of TLC’s July 3rd episode Mama’s Boy, I Love You.

“I’m nervous for today,” Matt says. It’s an important day. Brittany gets to meet Mom, and then we all go through the process of Mom becoming Mom.

Mom Being Mom requires a margarita machine, signs that read “party like a banana,” and signs like “Mom is Mom.” This is a big deal!

Matt, 31 years old, tells Matt’s mom he’s anxious, but his mom is cool as cucumbers, which Matt believes makes him even more nervous. “Why are you scared of what I will do?” He responds. She asks him, “You should be.”

Kelly must be controlled from drinking margaritas.

Kelly said, “This will be a huge day coming up.” We’ll have delicious cocktails and good food. However, this is a party I throw to check her out.

Mums will always affirm that honesty is best.