The woman told the outlet that Noth groped her and repeatedly pulled her onto his lap, which “confused her at the time because, on some level, it was exciting,” noting his role on Sex and the City. The woman said at the end of her shift, around 1 a.m., she headed to the office to collect her paycheck and the actor followed her and initiated a sexual act, after which she pushed him away.

She said that he wasn’t listening to “no” but listened when I spoke ‘not here, and convinced me that he would be meeting me somewhere else.

They said Noth had stopped so she could leave. After he left the restaurant, he promised to send her a car. She said she returned to her home without the intention of meeting up with Noth, who allegedly texted her for her address. She claimed she didn’t reply.

Noth’s spokesperson said, in a statement sent to NBC News and other outlets that “the story is a complete fabrication” and that the alleged accounts throughout it read like bad fiction. “Chris does not know the identity of this person and has never, or would, ever cross it,” Noth’s rep stated to NBC News and other outlets.