Chloe BaileyShe knows the qualities that a man should have in order to be able to respect her.

CelebHomes News spoke with the singer to share his message, “Don’t be cocky.” Daily Pop while chatting about her Make ‘Em Sweat hot sauce collab with DoorDash. “Don’t be fooled. It’s better to reply to me. You shouldn’t have any long nails.”

The final and most crucial relationship dealbreaker for her: “You have to smell good.”

What does 23-year-old girl like to do with her relationships? She told host “Well, she said it.” Justin SylvesterIt has “a little mystery.”

However, she stated that “if it’s a long-distance relationship and it’s your first meeting up”, a kiss might “might be very hot.”

And when it comes to finding a man, well, slide on into her DMs—older prospects welcome.

She said that she was a mature person about the age gap. “I need someone to teach me some things because ‘imma be teaching them some things. “You know what I’m talking about?