This transformation is a knockout.

Trevante Rhodes shows off his heavyweight portrayal of Mike Tyson in the June 8 teaser for the Hulu series MikeThe premiere was August 25, 2005.

The footage depicts Tyson in different stages of his life, culminating with the “Iron” Mike persona that became just as notorious outside the boxing ring. Rhodes flaunts Tyson’s incredible physique, infamous face tattoo and shiny gold tooth while saying “they call me a savage.”

Famous boxing promoter Don King (Russell Hornsby() Tyson’s exwife Robin Givens (Laura Harrier) make appearances, and we even get a sneak peek at Tyson’s shocking ear-biting incident with Evander Holyfield1997

Hulu’s eight-part series explores Tyson’s life and boxing. It includes “the tumultuous and sometimes tragic ups and downs” of his career, according to Hulu. “From being beloved worldwide athlete to pariah and then back again.”

MikeIt is from the creator and screenwriter Steven RogersWe already had a glimpse at 2017’s controversial and troubled athlete by. Tonya Hardingbiopic I, TonyaStarring Margot Robbie (She’ll executive produce Mike.)