This quiet, but amazingly effective air conditioner should be a part of your everyday life. There are 7,900+ Amazon 5-star reviews. The brand claims that the U-shape design blocks outside noise through your windows and that the Inverter system is high efficient, which makes it so quiet.

Midea states that it has 35% less energy than conventional units. You can use your smartphone to control the product from anywhere you are. It works with Google Assistant and Alexa.

Amazon customer said that she was impressed. Recently, I moved into an old 100-year-old house without central air. It was extremely hot in my first summer, with record temperatures reaching the 90s. One of the portable AC units with two hoses was what I chose, so I bought one. The unit worked great, but it was not the best. [damn]It was very noisy. It was noisy. I tried it again in the summer.

The Midea U (12,000 BTU unit) was ordered a while ago and I finally got around to installing it today, as the temperature reached 92°. The installation was very simple. The installation was very simple. So quiet. The unit seemed to kick out cold air very well and cooled my bedroom mind-bogglingly quicker than the portable one.