What do actual Amazon customers think about Amazon? The following reviews are available. 

“Last Year, I purchased a backpack to carry to work. It was stunning and had everything I wanted inside. However, I found it a bit too big for my needs. After realizing the necessity to reduce my size, I came across this cute and affordable backpack that I was willing to take on the challenge. WOW! It is chic and stylish! The gray is my favorite color and it’s so easy to use. It is so comfortable to carry. It was so soft that I had to make all my coworkers feel it immediately after I received it. It can be worn as a backpack or the shoulder strap is a great option. Although it is smaller than my previous backpack, the bag has more space than I thought. With plenty of room, I am able to fit my iPad, laptop, 8×11 spiral calendar and wallet as well as a QT-sized water bottle, makeup bag, and other items. You will appreciate the many extra pockets. This bag is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something beautiful that can hold all your essentials and looks expensive, but doesn’t break the bank.

“I’ve had the purse for about a week, and I love it!” The bag has never been damaged, and my hands can sometimes be quite rough with it.

“My wife placed this item in her cart. I only realized it after placing the order. Although I can’t speak for her, I know she loves the bag. She no longer has to carry around all the Coach bags worth $400+. She loves what she chooses, and it is truly mind-blowing. Happier wife equals happy life. 

I love this bag! It is beautiful! I bought the rose pink colour. It was nice to have a wide range of color options when I ordered. It has the perfect amount of storage. This bag has enough space to hold everything without it feeling bulky. This bag is beautiful and can be carried in many ways. You have plenty of storage options. It is my favorite bag!

This bag has everything. It was my obsession from the beginning. My toddler is now three years old and I find it so easy to not have to carry both my diaper bag AND my purse. My son can easily put his things in my bag, and I can keep the sippy cup in my side pocket. Three of my coworkers and I have bought one since we bought our bag. This bag is seriously amazing!”