You’re ready to get rid of your mop!

Netflix has begun to prepare for fall and the series that will be scary-filled is set to release soon WednesdayIt is played by Jenna Ortega. While the attention is focused on the teen who is a creepy, all of the Addams families are having a lot of fun.

In a first-look at the series, shared by Vanity Fair Aug. 16, Catherine Zeta Jones makes her debut as the hauntingly gorgeous Morticia Addams, alongside Luís Guzman‘s Gomez and Isaac OrdonezThe stumbling Puglsey. The actress wears a sleek black dress with billowing sleeves and her long dark hair is pulled behind her shoulders, giving her an air of sophistication and old-world elegance. 

Jenna stands in the center wearing a black and polka-dot dress, and her braided locks. Isaac is next to Jenna, but he merely looks at the camera. They were meant to be the quirky couple, and their lack of emotion proves it!