Grab your iced coffee and a spray tan—Bama Rush is getting the documentary treatment.

Vice Studios will produce a new documentary about Rush Week at University of Alabama. The viral phenomenon on TikTok has made Rush Week a sensation. Variety.

Bama Rush is a university sorority recruiting week that follows a highly competitive, but somewhat deranged, process. According to, over 2,300 students—mostly women, mostly white—received bids from the 17 sororities that participated this year. Of the students who accepted bids, only nine percent of them self-identified as racial or ethnic minorities.

The 12th of August will see the New York Times confirmed that a Bama Rush documentary was in production. 

The film’s director said, “This film portrays young women in 2022 with thoughtfulness and compassion.” Rachel Fleit told the Times“As they rush to the University of Alabama’s sorority program,

The TimesAccording to reports, the documentary is in production from last year when Bama Rush became an Internet sensation. 

The article refuted reports that hidden microphones were used for the purposes of documentary. This rumor caught fire on the internet.