You will find memories everywhere. Bob SagetYou can find them.

For The Full HouseStar Jodie SweetinA piece of Bob’s legacy made it to the bride’s July 30th wedding. Mescal Wasilewski. According to the 40-year old, a dress owned by actor Robert Downey Jr. ended up at her wedding thanks to John Stamos.

As Jodie told CelebHomes News’ Daily Pop John, his husband and Jodie were leaving their home to attend Jodie’s marriage on August 16. Caitlin McCHughHe was told to change his shirt. John realized his top was quite large after grabbing another one. Then it struck him.

He realized it was one of those shirts. Kelly [Rizzo]Jodie stated that Bob gave him the shirt out of his closet. And it was this button up in black that Bob would always wear. Bob always wore a black button-up.

She said, “So Bob was there in a weird little way.”