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We can get dressed up for the holidays, so it’s time to party! Kohl’s has the perfect solution if this sounds appealing but you don’t want your bank account to be broken. Cara SantanaJust in time to celebrate the holidays, her new collection was released by Nine West. This collection is for those who love bold colors and fun fabrics.

Cara spoke out about the drop in an exclusive interview. CelebHomes NewsShe said that Kohl’s was an extraordinary partner, as they respect my basic beliefs about inclusion, diversity, accessibility, and access. It was important to me that the product appealed to all women. They did! This is what I loved about shopping at the store as a child. There was something for everyone, so no matter how much I had to spend there was something that I could and would wear. The clothes made me feel like I was there!

CelebHomes was able to hear from Cara about her collection and her top picks. She also shared details on her holiday plans.