Diaz stated that she will go through her mom checklist to see if Raddix is hungry or tired.

“You just kind of start there and you go, ‘What just happened? “Is she trying to tell me something? “Is there something she’s trying to communicate to me?”, she said. She continued, “My job as a parent is to help my child find words for her emotions, her experiences, and what’s bothering her, and help her get through them. So what do she want from me and from her? Is this something she is able to take care of?

She said these are skills she has learned over time. “I really worked hard to get a child,” the 49-year-old shared. “It’s not that it just happened to me….I’m very fortunate to have been able to take the time to do it and be there with her, and that’s just the hugest blessing that I’ve had.”