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PopBabies Portable Blender Reviews

One shopper commented, “I love this. It’s great. I have persuaded many others to use it. It was easy for them to just see the benefits. You can clean it easily if you have a good tool, and difficult if your not. You’ll ruin it if you don’t follow the instructions.

One person said, “This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.” This blender blends faster than any other smoothie maker that I have ever used.

Amazon customer reviews: “I love the portable blender! It is perfect for making my morning smoothies at work. Easy to clean I only charge it once every 4 or 5 days. It blends really well although when using powder it’s a bit tricky, but the ice helps that. “I am extremely satisfied with the purchase.”

Another person wrote: “Everyone’s asking me where this came from. We would have known this many years ago, you would think. What’s more, the portable blender makes life much simpler! Perfection. It is sturdy and cute, and it can be charged with the USB at any time.

One customer raved, “I love my little blender!” It is used 4x per week, most often with fresh fruit. Fruit is blended to a perfect purée on first go and then to a more liquified version on the second go. Because it is so small, I’ve taken it with me on trips out of the city. You can carry it with you everywhere, thanks to the handy handle.

Another user shared the following: “This is one of my favourite blenders.” This blender is adorable, and it’s very easy to use. It is lightweight so I can take it everywhere. The juicer can be used in a single, efficient way. Easy to clean. You will love it!

The blender is loved by many. One fan said, “For anyone who enjoys smoothies but does not have time to make them every day-this is the right product for you.” A portable blender was something I searched for for quite some time. It is amazing! The funnel and silicone ice tray are included, which I love. Because they were amazed, I was able to receive compliments at work.”

“Great product! This product is great! I love it and use it every day. This product is great for those who are always on the move. “I freeze my vegetables and fruits in a ziplock bag, and then I just pick one bag to go before I head out,” wrote a customer. 

The initial skeptical buyer explained to me that she had been watching commercials for similar products. She was also skeptical about the idea of trying it. When I first opened the box I was caught off guard by the size, however when i was making my smoothies Isaw that this was perfect for on the go. I like the sturdy bottle and good battery life. When I’ve bought cheaper unknown brands it’s always a 50/50 chance and i have to say I have no regrets on this product.”

“I purchased this blender to make my workout shakes. I wasn’t expecting it to be a sturdy blender with a consistency similar to a shaker container. The blender works great, it’s rechargeable makes it portable so it can be taken to the gym with me. Also the tray with ice is ideal for making fruit smoothies. Amazon customer shares her happiness with the purchase.

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