No matter what time of day it is, the quality of your sleep will not change. Zayn MalikYou can also sing the tune.

A rare clip of the 29-year old sharing his singing voice was shared by him One DirectionJam “Night Changes”, which is currently the No.1 song in boy bands. Spotify. Zayn’s brand new performance is worth the listen. Watch it here.

Fans were quick to comment on his performance and to praise the One Direction song. One person wrote that Zayn performing 1D songs by 2022 is the most amazing thing to ever happen. It was a drama. Liam PayneEarlier in the year.

A third voice joined the fray to proclaim “Omg! My ears are blessed!”

A different user, however, wrote “Night Changes!”?YOUR VOICCelebHomes??? YOU!????”

Fans may recall March 25, 2015 as the official departure date of One Direction’s Zayn.

He posted the information to social media, at 22 years old, that he was leaving the group.