According to Denise, having social media accounts is one of the ways she’s stayed on people’s radar, explaining it’s “fantastic because you get to hear from your people. To get letters, I had to wait.

Katie points out that both Katie and Katie have their own problems with social media.

She’s new to hate. Katie explained that back then she was on TV, so no one could really send her a hate DM as they can to me. Online, I’m subject to a lot hate. It’s hard to be authentic and vulnerable on social media because everyone is free to share their opinions.

Katie said, “But,” Katie added, looking up at the positive side of things, “that’s also the beauty.” “It’s important to get feedback from people as soon as possible, not only in reaching so many people but also making sure everyone is heard.

Katie points out however, that there are many other benefits to exercising than just physical. Katie says it’s “not only beneficial for your health but it can also help your mental well-being.”

There are many fitness programs that claim to help you lose weight, but I don’t think my exercise routines revolve around it. To feel your best, you must exercise. It truly does make you feel happier, more confident, and more accomplished. This is also why my mom and me are so optimistic. It can really switch your mindset and perspective.”