Although we’re not the only ones to be dissatisfied with the treatment of Steve on the show, it isn’t our first time to do so. We would gladly join the chorus. Miranda, a charmed and affectionate everyman from the original series, has been portrayed by Miranda’s husband as a bumbling idiot, a man who is tired after trying to navigate a farmer’s market.

Although we’re certain the writers intended to draw a line between Steve (a reliable dessert lover) and Che (a cool vape-smoking Che), it was just too easy to make Che merely slapstick in order to support Miranda’s plot.

Steve was treated so badly that the executive producer had to be heard. Elisa ZuritskyThe criticism was addressed in an interview that I recently did with Vanity Fair.

Zuritsky stated that everyone on the show loves David Eigenberg, as a person. We love him as an actor. Steve is our favorite actor. He is a true Steve. “He’s full of life and all the Steves out are nice guys.

The good guys do end up last. And Just Like That…This is the end. Steve, justice!