Drumroll, please! 

Jeannie Mai JenkinsThe name of her is now known Jeezy‘s first child together and it’s…Monaco Mai Jenkins

Then, how did their parents come up with the name? Jeannie explained that it wasn’t something they chose immediately. 

“I thought Baby J’s name should be a J name—because obviously Jeannie and Jeezy, like, makes sense—but that wasn’t the name that came to us,” the RealIn a video that was recorded before the baby was born, but which she shared to her YouTube channel January 20, host stated these words. What really happened was when Baby J began to materialize for us while we were still dating.

Jeannie then recalled a trip that Jeannie and Mark took to Monaco when they were together. She honed in on a photo of a bridge from the trip that’s now displayed in the nursery. According to the TV Star, it was here that things changed.

“Literally where this car is right there,” she said pointing at the picture, “he turned me around and he said, ‘What kind of life do you want with me? What are you looking for in your life? Which dreams are you pursuing? “What is the purpose of life?”