The news doesn’t go down as smooth as butter.

BTS‘s band members—who include RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, VAnd Jungkook—announced they are taking a hiatus in a video posted to social media on June 14.

Jungkook stated, “We each will take time to have fun” and to experience many things. Jungkook said, “We are going to return one day older than us now,” 

Although the K-pop idols weren’t sure how long their hiatus would last, they indicated that they are open to exploring solo projects. According to NME translation, RM stated that BTS had always been different than other bands. However, the issue with K-pop idols and K-pop is that they don’t allow you the time to grow. “You need to produce music, and continue doing what you love.”

But the choice was difficult. We can’t help thinking about our fans, no matter how hard it gets. We want to be remembered as the artists they love. Jimin said that now, I believe we are beginning to consider what type of artist we want our fans to remember us as.” Jimin said, “I believe that’s the reason we’re in a difficult time right now. We’re trying find our identity. It’s exhausting and slow.”