Brittney GrinerShe is sending her love and support to her spouse as she continues her Russia trial.

During a recess in court proceedings, the WNBA player said to ABC News that she had a special message for her teammates. Cherelle GrinerShe recently graduated law school. She said, “Good luck with the bar exam.”

Brittney carried two photos, in a plastic bag, to show her love. Brittney answered “My wife” when asked about the photographs. Two of my closest friends and teammates.

How is she doing? Brittney claimed she doesn’t have any complaints. Waiting patiently.

Cherelle previously told ABC News that she has communicated with Brittney “sporadically” through letters, but hasn’t spoken to her via telephone since Brittney was arrested. According to the spokesperson for U.S. Department of State, even though the United States Government arranged that the couple connect by phone on June 4th to celebrate their fourth anniversary, it was unable to do so due to “logistical errors.” Ned Price.