Batter up!

Prime Video’s new trailer A League of Their OwnThe July 26th release is an important one. The preview shows the girls traveling to Rockford Peaches for tryouts with the hope of landing a spot on the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League team. 

Carson Shaw is played by Abbi JacobsonShe does this by jumping on a train. Even though the conductor tells her she is too late. “Sir,” she yells, throwing her suitcase on board, “let it happen!” 

Max is the one who will do the tryouts.Chanté AdamsShe is Black and she gets turned down. However, her impressive overhand reaches the bleachers. She ends up getting a spot as the pitcher for the men’s team, but this means she has to work in the factory. 

“Max, can you light 50 pounds? Is it possible to burn the skin off your hands? The factory manager questions her and she responds, “Yes!” It is true.