Love Island USAKeep it close to your heart. 

For the first time in the franchise’s history—including that of the preeminent U.K. iteration—a set of siblings is entering the villa, CelebHomes News can exclusively announce. New Jersey residents Bria Chazz Bryant are set to make their debut on the July 26 episode of the Peacock series, and we have a sneak peek of the moment they meet their fellow Islanders. 

The below video shows that Bria and Chazz are preceded by text. “Islanders have company,” reads the message. Bria, Chazz and all the other guests are most welcome. #MixItUp #DoubleTrouble.”

We quickly discover that one of the brothers-sisters enters the villa. Love Island USA singles don’t yet know they’re related. However, the ruse does not last for long. It takes just a moment to reveal the secret. Deb ChubbQuestion: “Are you both the same type?”

Bria quickly responds “nope,” but before she continues, she allows her co-stars a few seconds to laugh at what SeemsIt was a quick rejection. It was then that the word came out: “That’s my brother.”