You are a tiny dancer, so hold on a minute. Britney Spears Elton John They will soon release their new music.

The highly anticipated collaboration remake of Elton’s “Tiny Dancer” will be made public by the singer from “Rocket Man.” Elton sent a tweet on August 19. a snap of himself and BritneySmile and show of affection, as well as what appears be the cover art for the new project.

Cover art features Britney, in pink feathers and next to Elton’s piano playing child. These adorable photos were titled “Hold me Closer” and included their names.

Britney has released the project as her first music release since November 2021, when she was terminated from her conservatorship. Britney’s ninth studio album, which was released in 2016, marked the last official release of new songs. GloryThe album was published. The record also featured deluxe songs that were made public in 2020, such as “Mood Ring” and “Swimming in the Stars.”