Solo stated that her treatment experience was both terrible and wonderful. Solo also mentioned that she had her first panic attack the day she arrived at the facility. She said that the morning she left to begin her rehab stay, her twins “waved goodbye with Grandma on our front lawn.”

Her words were followed by, “Watching my children wave and not knowing how much time I’d be gone for, but also understanding that I will be back that night or next day broke my heart.” “I smiled, waved from the window and then cried when they were not visible around the corner.”

To explain the absence of their mother, she and her husband created a narrative for her children. She said, “We had decided that we would tell our children Mama was fishing.” She said that while she was undergoing treatment, she also spoke with her family via remote communication.

Solo said that she was one of eight women treated at the facility. As she checked in, she was drug tested and her luggage was shifted through and thrown into a dryer. According to her, she was so emotional at the first social meal that she shared with others.

On her podcast, she stated, “Today” that “I am grateful to my 30 days away from reading, thinking, praying, mediating and learning.”

Solo said, “There’s no shame in struggling with addiction or alcohol.” I am grateful to all the wonderful women and men who have taught me how this works.