Britney Spears vs. Kevin Federline – Details on the New Feud

Britney Spears and her team are fighting back against Kevin Federline‘s claims.

On Aug. 10, Federline appeared to post videos from nearly four years ago on Instagram of what appeared to be his two sons arguing with their mother.

“I cannot sit back and allow my sons to be charged in such a way. After all they have gone through. We decided to share these videos as a family, even though it pains us,” Federline told ITV News that their children have been avoiding their mom. Federline captioned the deleted clips. “I wish our kids will grow up to do better than this.”

While Spears hasn’t publicly commented on the footage, her attorney Mathew RosengartProtecting his client, he spoke out.

Rosengart stated that Britney had faithfully supported her children, and she loved them very much in a statement sent to CelebHomes News. Federline not only has violated the dignity and privacy of the mother, but has also hurt his own children’s privacy, which he must protect. Even ignoring his ITV interview with Federline, the cruel and stupid decision of Mr. Federline to upload an older video of his children 11-12 years old was a poor, shameless act.