If you think textile art is some kind of tapestry found in castles and museums, you’re behind the times. In 2019 the most interesting home decorating trend is the resurgence of textile art in the average home.

Using animal, plant, and artificial fibers, a piece of textile art can become a conversation piece in the living room or dining room. It can brighten up a dull bathroom and enhance the intimacy of a bedroom. Plant fabrics are a great favorite in the kitchen as textile art.

If you’re looking for a unique retro piece of textile art, try your local thrift store. Amid the dusty portraits of faded flowers and acrylic sailboats at sunset you might find a nicely framed piece of textile art that fits in with your home’s decor for just a few dollars.

Anyone with an ounce of creativity can make their own fabric art, of course. All you need is a stretched canvas of any size and swaths/patches of the kind of fabric you think would go well in a certain room. Lay the pieces down randomly on the canvas until you come up with a pattern you like, then use a clear wood and fabric glue to make it immortal.

And, of course, there are literally thousands of textile art for sale online.