Maybe you want to increase the value of your house and then sell it at a higher price. Or perhaps you only want to make your house to look more beautiful. Here are the top ten 2019 house improvement trends which you should watch out for;

Smart Home Systems

Smart home systems are now growing in popularity. In 2019, they will become the in-thing. Intelligent home systems have various advantages. First of all, they save energy; therefore, you won’t spend more to pay energy bills.

With a smart home system, you can easily monitor the ongoings of your home even if you are far from it. Due to this, intelligent home systems increase safety and security in your home. These systems use either artificial intelligence or voice controls. You can purchase these systems at smart home hubs such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Large Windows

In 2019, more house owners will install their houses with large windows. Large windows make the house to look more spacious and lively.  They also allow more light into the home. Instead of using artificial lighting, please fit in large windows. Large windows will bring enough natural light into your house.

High Ceilings and Special Ceiling Treatments

High ceilings will make your house to look more classic, elegant, and lively. In times of summer, high ceilings will help to cool your home. They will also promote air circulation and increase ventilation. In 2019, there will be more of high ceiling design trends such as wall coverings, coffered ceilings, and wooden planks.  

Open Kitchen Shelves

In 2019, there will be a significant shift from closed kitchen shelves to open kitchen shelves. However, it can be hard to clean an open kitchen shelf since it is always exposed to dirt and germs.

On the other hand, open kitchen shelves have many advantages.  First of all, they are easily accessible. With an open kitchen shelf, you can quickly retrieve any cooking ingredient without too much hassle. Open kitchen shelves also simplify cooking and make it more comfortable.

Accent Walls

Creation of accent walls is a new house improvement trend that will become increasingly popular in 2019. Accent walls add more taste, color, and energy to your rooms.  They will also make your spaces to look more fantastic and elegant.

You can choose from a variety of colors which you would use to paint your accent walls. Nowadays, there are bolder colors of rose gold, tonal reds and millennial pinks which you can use to create your accent walls with.  What’s more – apart from paint, you can even use tiles, stones, and wallpapers.

Bucket Sinks

Bucket sinks tend to add more personality to your kitchen and your bathrooms. They are also family friendly. As explained by Décor Aid, bucket sinks will make your cleaning and washing work much easier. These farm inspired sinks will have a massive comeback in 2019 as a significant house improvement trend.

Open and Large Kitchens

Large and open kitchens will add more flexibility to your home living space. Large and open kitchens make cooking easier. With a large and open kitchen, your children and friends can even hover around you as you prepare food for them.

You need a spacious kitchen in which you and your family members can quickly eat in. A large enough kitchen will cater for our more increasingly casual lifestyles.  Also, these kitchens help in reducing the number of home accidents since you don’t have to squeeze in your cooking ware and your cooking ingredients for them to fit. In 2019, more houses will have open and large kitchens.

Trendy Home Offices


The number of freelancers has been increasing in the past years. More and more people have now started to work at home. In 2019, there will be more incorporation of home offices into our residential homes.

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While designing your home office, make sure that you choose furniture that is classic and elegant. Your chair should also be comfortable enough. You can also increase more vibrancy to your home office by putting in potted plants, plush seats, and a well-stocked refrigerator.

Master Bedroom En-Suites

If you can afford it, don’t purchase a house that does not have a master bedroom en suite in 2019. Bedrooms are now continuously evolving from just single rooms to more customized units with an extra living space and washing facilities.

Artisan Fixtures

Artisan fixtures will be the leading housing design trend in 2019. Artisan fixtures are unique and beautiful. With the help of a local artisan, you can also customize some of your house fixtures to your taste and liking.


If you implement these house improvement trends, your house will look more elegant, lively and fantastic. In fact, your home shall be the envy of your friends and neighbors. Moreover, you would have increased the general value of your house.

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