F-Boy? F-Bye. F-Girl? F-Hi!

FBoy IslandThe second season of’s saga came to an abrupt halt on August 4, when the HBO Max reality dating show delivered yet another twist that left us scrubbing our teeth. Warning! Spoilers! Proceed with caution!

The F-Boy self-proclaimed F.Boy took the winning prize money from its winner after causing controversy during its inaugural season. Garrett Morosky, FBoy IslandAuthor Elan Gale decided to introduce a new wrinkle in season two’s final episode: The three leads had the option to keep all the money for themselves and leave the show single. 

So, Mia Jones Louise BarnardEveryone decided to take a chance and select F-Boys. Peter Park Mercedes KnoxBoth of them decided to divide the money and they proved that they were able to reform. However Tamaris SepulvedaShe was the first F-Girl on the Show when she chose $100,000 to end her relationship with nice men. Casey Johnson Niko Pilalis