Stas KaranikolaouHas a message to the internet critics

This 25-year old is not new to the spotlight, having partnered with Booby Tape for the launch of the Illuminating Bronzer. Her Instagram account has over 11 million followers. She is also best friends with Kylie Jenner.

However, all that glitters might not be the truth. Not gold.

In an interview with CelebHomes News, Stas opened up about the toxicity of social media and how she’s learned to brush off the negativity.

She said that “I used read all comments and saw what everybody had to say about me.” These people don’t even know. Please send me. When someone sits there making mean comments after seeing my photo, it is time to get some inner work done.”

Stas said, “I don’t listen to it.” “I know myself as a person and that is what I focus on.”