This is Demi LovatoThe new song from? Wilmer Valderrama? Fans speculate about this after seeing a clip from “29”, which went viral recently.
The debut of Holy FvckDemi, 29, has opened the eighth studio album. There is some buzz on social media about the possibility of a reference to actor James Corden, 42, whom she broke up with in 2016, six years after being involved.

“Far from innocent/What the f-k’s permission? According to TikTok video, “29” contains the following lyrics: “Numbers said you not to/ but that did’t stop your,” according to TikTok videos. Demi sings, “Finally 29, just like you were at that time” to reference Wilmer and Demi’s age differences. It was my teenage dream/just a fantasy. But, was it yours?

The song was first shared online by a snippet. Fans responded to it on social media.