Bob Hope is one of the most remembered actors, comedians,and entertainers of all time. He was also the most paid entertainer in his time. With that said, one could imagine what Bob’s real estate portfolio consists of. To provide you with just a taste of that, he owned a 5.16 acre property in Toluca Lake, which you can see and read about here. To add to his already-stunning collection of real estate assets, Hope also owned an amphitheater-like home in Palm Springs, CA. Now, it can be yours for just $34 million! If you thought that was a lot, then have a go at the 6.18 acre property’s original asking price of $50 million.

Don’t think that you’d be getting jipped here. The house measures 23,366 sq ft, has a floor plan of 10 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, dons awe-inspiring architecture, has a pool/gated entryway/elevator/carport, and is set in a private and secluded area in Araby Cove. If you’re not going to buy this legendary home, then Ellen and Portia will!

Address: 2466 Southridge Dr, Palm Springs CA 92264