He cooks, eats, travels, and writes. No, not Andrew Zimmern. This culinary veteran and critic is more open, to say the least. He isn’t ashamed of cussing, drinking, and smoking on TV. You may’ve seen him do all of this on his long-running Travel channel favorite, “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.” By the looks of it, “Tony” finally ended that show and moved on to being a host on a competitive cooking show titled “The Taste.” Bourdain’s also a writer for an upcoming drama that’s based on a book.

The self-produced and written “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” seems to have been placed on the backburner for now. After all, Tony seems to have been very busy lately, especially now that he has a newly-bought 4 bed and 3 bath condo under his name. The unit is part of the Carnegie Hill Tower, which has 32 floors and a historic waterfall that stretches all the way to 93rd st (building is located on 94th). But, Tony and wife, Ottavia Busia, are settling on the second floor.

Their new lush home is accompanied by a handful of amenities, some of which include: laundry room, parking, fitness room, and bike room. This is setting aside the hardwood floor plan having large windows that Tony and Ottavia can peer through and take in full views of neighborhood activity.

Address: 40 E 94th St, New York NY 10128