She’s jewish, fabulous, gorgeous, sexy, and beautiful. This woman has maintained a very high ranking in the “men’s most wanted female” list over the course of 7 years and was nominated for 3 Golden Globes while in her late teens and early 20’s. Avengers nerds slobber over their comic books/keyboards/remote control whenever they see or hear Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow. Scarlett Johansson (referred to as Scarlett Jo by some) must’ve been living well lately ever since the first Avengers film. She can be seen in the upcoming Captain America sequel, as well as the Avengers sequel in 2015.

Johansson will also be lead in an upcoming action film titled “Lucy,” which is also the name of her character. Both Scarlett’s movie career and endorsements enabled her to join the “Hamptons Buyer’s Club.” She just bought a 3,500 sq ft home in East Hampton, NY. Of course, it’s two stories, and sits on 1.4 acres. Scarlett Jo can always easily expand or add some things to the property. Some of the goodies that are at her disposal are fireplaces, en-suite balconies, nicely furnished kitchen, indoor lounge room (immediately flows out into an outdoor patio area), picnic/wine seating, personal pool, and seclusion.

Address: 9 Ship Wreck Dr, East Hampton NY 11937