The Peaky Blinders are back and they’re out for blood.

The BBC unveiled the trailer for the sixth season of Six Seasons on January 1. Peaky BlindersStarring Cillian MurphyJoe ColeMore. The nearly two-minute clip shows Tommy Shelby (Murphy) as he gears up for a fight against the fascist leaders gaining power in Europe. 

As writer Steven KnightSubmitted Variety Last year, this season will have many twists and turns, but fans can expect Tommy to push back against the rise of the Nazi party: “He had one goal [after World War II]This was to build wealth, but he discovers that fascism brings back something good. He then devotes his efforts to fighting it.

Meanwhile, Anya Taylor-Joy makes her return as Gina Gray, appearing glam as ever in a red lip and silk robe.

Anya is just one of the fan favorites returning to Birmingham for this season. The return of Anya is something fans can rejoice. Tom HardyHe is reprising the role of Alfie Solomons.