Taron EgertonApple TV+ is his Apple TV+ “good boy” persona. Black Bird.

Black BirdBritish actor who appeared in Rocketman, plays real-life convict Jimmy Keene, who is sent to prison on a conspiracy to distribute cocaine charge. But then, the FBI offers him the opportunity to walk free—but only if he can get suspected serial killer Larry HallHe would like to tell us where his victims were buried. Jimmy agrees to the FBI offer. It sends him on a dangerous path that shakes at his core.

“Larry gets in his head,” Egerton says in an exclusive video. And Jimmy is shocked by it.”

A writer Dennis LehaneJimmy Keene, a real-life Jimmy Keene author, was adapted by. Together with The DevilMr. Sullivan adds that Jimmy was in something greater than him. It is bigger than any other thing. This guy is going to be back in the world if he makes a mistake.

However, Greg Kinnear, who plays detective Brian Miller, explains, getting Larry to give up the whereabouts of the remains isn’t going to be easy. “Larry Hall is a puzzle,” Kinnear says. His mentality is difficult to grasp.