The team is deserving of a round if applause.

On June 14, 10-year-old twin brothers Bridon Hassig and Christian Hassig were spending time together at the pool with their father, Brad Hassig, their 11-year-old neighbor, Sam EbertThe unthinkable occurred. “It was a typical afternoon—we had music on the speakers and I was doing breathing exercises underwater to relax,” Brad told Today June 30. “I didn’t push myself to be a Navy Seal.

The worst came about at this point. 

Brad lost consciousness just moments after diving into the pool’s five-foot side. Sam and Bridon noticed that Brad was lying down and called Christian. Christian put on his goggles, and plunged underwater.  

Brad recalls that Christian told me I was lying on my back and was shaking, with my head turning blue. He yelled at Sam and Bridon to get in, and each one grabbed my shoulder and pulled me up the steps.