Betty Cooper must like vinegar, because it’s what she has found herself in.

Enjoy this sneak peak RiverdaleBetty, the June 12th episode (Lili ReinhartVeronica confides in him (Camila MendesJillian Drake, (Sophia TatumBetty’s feelings were expressed by a local FBI agent, whose name is.

“She declared her love for me?” Veronica asks. “Like a romance novel?” Veronica asks. That’s unprofessional.”

Betty and Archie are in a romantic relationship which is particularly troubling.KJ Apa).

Betty replies, “Yeah. Tell us about it.” It’s made it easier for me to start thinking. Archie and I actually compartmentalize. Work is not something I discuss. While I may have darker thoughts than Drake, I won’t share those with him. Drake is the one I feel free to be myself.

It’s starting to look like this won’t work out. Veronica tries her best to help Betty.

“Betty,” she said, “Everyone compartmentalizes.” I do not see any problem. You’re not attracted to Drake, I don’t think so.