Get excited, because we have big plans YellowstoneCasting news for season 5

Kai Caster and Lainey WilsonLilli Kay Dawn OlivieriSeason five of western hit show, Western Smash Hits! premieres November 13, on Paramount Network. 

Caster appeared as American Horror StoryAccording to the network, Rowdy will be playing a young cowboy in 2018. 

Wilson was No. 1 with her song “Things a Man Oughta Know”. Abby is the musician she will be playing. Already, we know that she is a talented singer.

Kay recently appeared on Showtime’s Your HonorAlongside Bryan Cranston, will play Clara Brewer, the new assistant for one of the Duttons. Olivieri, who is most well-known as the character Lydia on NBC’s HeroesShowtime and other Showtime programs House of Lies, will play Sarah Atwood, a confident, corporate shark and a new arrival to Montana.

It’s exciting to see what the new additions bring.