She and Rebel Started Getting to Know Each Other Over the Phone.

“It was a setup through a friend,” Rebel told People last month. The conversation was the first step. Before meeting in person, we spoke for several weeks on the telephone. That was an amazing way to get to understand each other. It was a bit old-school in that sense—very romantic.”

Rebel also told What’s the Upside?Being set up by a friend “escalates the things faster.” According to her, you’re like “OK, this person is trustworthy.” You can trust them to be who they claim they are.

And They’ve Attended Events Together Before.

Ramona has appeared in several of Rebel’s Instagram posts over the past few months, and the pair have attended a few events together. In April, Ramona and Rebel attended the 10th Annual Park City Ski Challenge, which was held by the non-profit Operation Smile. They also posed on the red Carpet together. Vanity FairMarch is Oscar party.

They do sweet gestures for each other.

Talking about playlists with a partner What’s the Upside?, Rebel said she’s sent her love a song or two.

She stated, “My partner is like me, we send each other music.” It was actually something I did this morning. But it was one song and not a playlist. A song I felt would make someone’s day brighter.