Reality TV dramas will help you rise. 

Wells AdamsAs a bartender, he is well-known for his ability to create harmony Bachelor in Paradise. This trailer is exclusive to CelebHomes News and shows Hulu’s new competition for pizza making. The Best Dough, he’ll KneadAll the assistance he needs.

Adams tells one of the contestants, “I think we three should take [him] outside,” as they face a tough pizza-making challenge.

Wells’ response? “It wouldn’t be my first appearance on a show that people wanted me to die!”

Wells is now the host for this Hulu reality series that premieres Sept. 19. Why? He explains it as pizza being “one of the great unifiers.”

The Best DoughCalls on pizza chefs of all backgrounds to help find the best. (And yes—this includes everyone from food influencers to your own nonna.)

One contestant said in the trailer, “I am 82 years old.” “I can do whatever I want!”

Naturally, the winner takes home the money. Literally—there’s a cash prize at stake.