It comes down to this: Lord of the Rings – Rings of Power House of the Dragon can’t be compared. 

The Rings of Power’s creative team points out that they are not sweeping fantasy series and don’t have much in common. Why have they been compared? Well, Rings of Power Executive Producer Lindsay Weber It’s about clicking clicks, it seems.

Weber claimed that the headlines are completely created by media during an appearance Rings of PowerPanel discussion August 23, according to Variety. I’m certain the crew and cast don’t feel it. They understand how difficult it is to create these kinds of things.”

Co-showrunner Patrick McKayHe added that, “If an archaeologist were to be a gardener, they might have a similar look, but it couldn’t be more different.”

As for showrunner J.D. PayneHowever, his main concern is how fans will react to the show. He explained that the competition was the pressure we place on ourselves, and it is a competition with ourselves to see how much we can contribute into the world. “Hopefully [our series]”Will bring people together in a kind of cultural conversation.”