Accio photo!
It has been a little over two decades since the first installment was shot. The eagerly awaited reunion is now complete. Harry Potter’s 20th Anniversary: Hogwarts ReturnsYou can watch the video on HBO Max Saturday January 1.
And while the magical reunion itself is enough to cause chatter amongst fans, it’s one small photo mistake that really has social media buzzing. Right at the beginning of the special, an image—which producers presumed was a younger picture of Emma Watson, 31—appeared on the screen. But, since then it has been revealed that the picture was indeed of childhood. Emma RobertsWatson, not ’30.
Share the image used in the special along with a screenshot Scream QueensOne fan shared the Instagram photo of an alum from 2012 to show support wroteOn Twitter: “GUYS, HELP ME THATS LITERALLY EMMA RBERTS NOT EMMA WATSON.” 
Producers of the reunion special issued a brief statement after the social media blunder was reported. Entertainment WeeklyAccording to the author, “Well spotted Harry Potter fans! We are sorry for the editing error in your photo. Soon, a new version will be available.