Ah, ship!

Below Deck Sailing YachtOfficially, is set to return on Monday February 21st for the third season. Based on this sneak peak, Captain Glenn Shephard‘s crew is in for the ride of a lifetime.

He is joined by the Parsifal III’s chief dish. Daisy KelliherChief Engineer Colin MacRaeFirst mate Gary King, the latter of which is apparently determined to lay low this season. 

Gary says in the trailer that “I was responsible for some drama last season”. I’m not gonna have sex with the first chick that throws herself at me. Gary has turned a new leaf, lady!

Here’s a clip where he is seen making out with a newbie Ashley Marti

They’re just one of many who get steamy. There are also newcomers to the kitchen. Marcos Spaziani2. Gabriela BarraganDeckhands Kelsie GogliaAnd Tom PearsonAlso, it seems that a love pentagon is forming.